A Perpetual Descent

by Greytomb

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Recorded and mixed during Nov 2015- Jan 2016 by A. Haughton
Mastered by Increase Audio
Artwork, Layout & Photo Edits by J.McIntosh


released March 22, 2016

All Music written by Greytomb
All Lyrics written by -O-

J. Angus | Guitar
M. Flower | Drums
A. Haughton | Guitar, Bass
-O- | Vocals



all rights reserved


Greytomb Melbourne, Australia

Greytomb purvey dark, atmospheric black metal, with themes based upon states of consciousness, Metaphysics and Nihilism.

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Track Name: The River Of Nihil
The encompassing trickle along the blood-dimmed tide
A forceful Death amongst the wayward souls

scourge the depths, the harrowing malice
waiting for the bow to crack

The piano plays a funereal tune
The final remnants of the origin of man
Spinning and weaving through the web
spinning and weaving, entwined in oneself
shrieking, wailing, desperate for salvation
I attest to this despair

These scars are bound by jagged corridors
Spilling out of my dark blank void!

Searching and searching, and unable to procure
a sigil beyond this figment
coarse sweat drowns all ambition
scrounging unto this barren wasteland
mourning the loss of that which never was!
mourning the loss of that which never was!

I call out to the vast firmament
In earnest, in suffering
Eternally drifting along this river of Nihil
Trapped within the grey prison of the mind

I ominously await the demise
the demise of all life
in the end there is that comfort
that it all meant nothing
that it all meant nothing
Track Name: Urban Moulder
intoxicating blur
swells with anticipation
onward drudge
archaic stench

wafting through orifices
it singes the essence of flesh
sentient meat
raped from nonexistence

I spend this time reflecting on the complexity of all that is nothing
an inextricable relationship between transcendance and nihilism
We consume and waste, gorge and defecate on all that is pure
I am disgusted by this place, I refuse to take part any longer (any longer)

moonbeams prey on innocent souls
lost in the trenches of the second coming
ragged hands reach for the crimson stars
forever encapsulate this yearning

this yearning for a freedom so pure
liberation from gaseous isolation
an unholy detriment
exhale our final breath!!!

Drink... from the cup... of servitude
Rains... shower the dead... shattered teeth

Ears punctured by the rusty daggers of justice
Tongues eviscerated by promising lies
Eyes seared by the disease of life

Brittle answer to this industrial existence
Take a step outside the cage

Dead end streets of Winter's darkest domicile
Blind to the hands tearing through concrete walls
Twisted and disfigured in perpetuity
I pace in the crown of ruin
Track Name: Boundless Introspection
Intrinsic psychopathy
dazzles the obscene
thwarting concepts
beyond the spectrum
cherish the radiance
Purity of the third eye

Intrinsic psychopathy
Inherent wisdom
expanding perception
spherical abyss, wide open

unfathomable destination
projection beyond known universe

I am here, laying in wait
I can feel everything
and I can feel nothing
All at once, time is dilated
Shallow, thoracic breathing
Acceptance of the inevitable

Delving into the realm of the true self
That which has detached from the ego
at one with abyssal light
at one with abyssal darkness!
hypersensation of inward frontiers
clasp cortex cohesion

An infinity of thought
metaphysical procession through depths
Black murk illuminates relativity
Light years beyond Death!!!
The link between realities
This is the missing link
between realities
This is the missing link

An awakening so imbued
Essence of the spirit
Buried within crude flesh
Essential Iconoclasm
Freedom freedom freedom
This is just a step

This is just a step